Lapis is an organization that is behind several Sponge projects.

As on our homepage:

We're a group of Minecraft modders excited about the future of Sponge and Minecraft modding.

We're building a variety of toolkits, mods, plugins, and libraries to discourage code duplication and encourage modularity and growth.

This group arose from the intense environment of cooperation and new ideas surrounding Sponge’s API development, which produced so many clever designs that the Sponge team could never hope to implement them and still have a powerful, flexible platform. In the interest of preventing code duplication, we at Lapis feel compelled to develop many of these ideas into a common lexicon that can simplify plugin development and lighten the burden on server management.

We use Gradle to build our Java projects, and Gulp + node to build our static website projects(homepage, docs).

All our work is free, open-source, and MIT-licensed.

As the project matures, we will transition to incubating new Sponge plugins and APIs. This is in the hope of improving the Sponge API and implementation, as well as lightening the already-heavy burden of the Sponge team.